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Tax Legal and Consulting Services for Businesses and Persons

Dr Salvatore Giallo is registered with the Association of Chartered Accountants of Varese and the National Register of Auditors.

In 1990 he founded Studio Giallo & Co.

Studio Giallo & Co provide tailored consulting services to small, medium and large companies as well as individuals.

Through careful and continuous training, a highly professional and very competitive  service is delivered to the customers

The goal is to provide personalized, timely and effective assistance through a young and dynamic structure, capable of providing advice that ensures fast, practical and economically satisfactory solutions, always taking into account ongoing changes in the legislative, contributory and taxation framework.

The Studio listens to the needs of each client, to know and understand its business and individual reality, but also to become a benchmark that is able to advise in the best possible way with the most appropriate goals or strategies

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Besides handling the tax return for individuals, we have a deep knowledge in frontier workes issues regarding the taxation of their income. We also offer assistance in planning successions and donations.


Small Businesses and Startups

We can assist your business in the early stages of its life setting up the appropriate legal entity and foster your growth with innovative forms of financing.


Estabilished Industries

We offer highly specializes service such as analytical accounting systems, budgeting, programming and control and we cover aspect regarding tax and civil compliance.

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